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Collette Sawyer

Treat Them Like Unbelievers and Tax Collectors!

Jesus said, “Treat them like unbelievers and tax collectors!” Does that phrase make you stop and take pause?  It did me. I began to ask myself, is that really what Jesus meant?  Since Scripture interprets Scripture, I decided to look at exactly how Jesus treated pagans and tax collectors. Here is what I discovered.

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Stephanie Solberg

3 Things To Pray Before Studying the Bible

Opening your Bible is the best thing you will do today. But first, check your heart. How you approach this precious time in the Word will determine what you get from it. Align your heart with God’s heart through prayer. Here are three things you can pray about before you dive into the Word.

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Stephanie Solberg

The Power of Unbelief

Just as faith is a powerful force, the opposite of faith, unbelief, is also a powerful force.  Unbelief produces disastrous consequences and prevents people from receiving God’s blessings.

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Shahla Wright


Letting go. How can something be so hard and yet so easy at the same time?!?! Trusting God is a choice. It’s a yes or no answer. It’s an attitude of the heart. He tells us to not look at our understanding.

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