The Beatitudes: Happy are the Merciful

The Beatitudes, eight short teachings found at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, lay the foundation for the rest of Jesus’ teachings and are fundamental to understanding Jesus. The Beatitudes not only give us the spiritual roadmap to true happiness, but they set out the character traits of citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.            Character traits of

The Beatitudes: Being Happy, Hungry, and Thirsty

Finding true happiness. Many search for it. Many don’t find it. The good news is that Jesus gave us the spiritual roadmap to happiness in the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes describe spiritual qualities that operate within the Kingdom of Heaven, where we find true happiness.  The Kingdom of Heaven is not just a future promise, but it is a promise for

Hard Things Jesus Said: Would We Have Walked Away?

Jesus said some hard things. Would we have thought of Jesus as a novelty and enjoyed His company and teachings until things became “real”? Or would we have truly loved Him and understood that His words were true and life? Just what would we have done? Consider each of these hard sayings. How would you have reacted? Listening to Jesus,

Getting to Know Jesus: Jesus’ Humanity

Today many spend a good part of their Christian life trying to defend the deity of Christ and, in the process, ignore His humanity. However, when Jesus walked this earth, quite the opposite was true: His deity, not His humanity was questioned. It is hard to imagine Jesus as fully human, walking on this earth, experiencing the same emotions as

The Beatitudes: Welcome to the Upside Down

What is true happiness? Philosophers, scholars, and psychologists have pondered this question throughout the years and have offered us definition after definition. However, because they base their ideas of happiness on human wisdom, they only provide a fleeting type of happiness: happiness that relies on self-gratification and external factors instead of internal peace. Jesus, on the other hand, shows us

The Beatitudes: 5 Ways to Be Meek Not Weak

Jesus tells us in the third Beatitude that those who are meek are happy, and they will inherit the earth. The world associates meekness with weakness and thinks that only the strong can be happy and inherit the earth. Once again, Jesus’ teaching turns the world’s views upside down. In Welcome to the Upside Down, we talked about the blueprint

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