5 Reasons to Study Prophecy

Prophecy is a prediction of future things to come. According to “The Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy” by J. Barton Payne, there are 1,239 prophecies in the Old Testament and 578 in the New Testament. Prophecies constitute 26.8 percent of the Bible’s volume. In the prophetic verses, there are around 333 prophecies about Christ. Out of these 333 prophecies, 109 were fulfilled at Christ’s first coming, and 224 will be

Jesus’ Return!

Satan knows his fate, he won’t give up easily. But nothing will stop Christ the King’s return to earth. In this installment in our Back to the Future series, we will explore Armageddon in more detail, including Christ’s victory over the Antichrist. We will also take a look at what is happening in Heaven during the final part of the

Bowl Judgments of Revelation

We have seen God’s wrath unleashed on earth in a series of two sets of judgments, each set progressively worse and more devastating as time goes on. Here, we will explore the third set of judgments, the bowl judgments, and their worldwide effects. Finally, we will take a look at the fall of commercial and political Babylon.       Three Angels

Seven Signs of Revelation

In Revelation 12 and 13, Satan and his demons battle Michael and the holy angels in one final battle in Heaven before Satan and his angels are permanently tossed down to earth. Knowing his time is running out, Satan will make the earth his battleground and unleash an evil like never seen before. His goal will be to kill the

Trumpet Judgments of Revelation

The Book of Revelation describes three waves of God’s judgment of earth’s inhabitants, each wave progressively worsening. The judgments begin with the seven seal judgments, continue to the trumpet judgments, and end with the bowl judgments. In a previous post, we discussed the first six judgments: First seal (Rev 6:1-2) white horse, antichrist comes to conquer Second Seal (Rev 6:3-4)

The Great Harlot: Fate of Religion During Tribulation

The Church has been raptured, leaving behind all the counterfeit religions, including the apostate church. The religions left behind will culminate into one false religion which will wield massive power and control over the world. But as we forge ahead to Revelation 13, we find out the fate of false religion during the Tribulation.   False Religion Throughout the Book

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