Hi. I am Stephanie.

I want to tell the world about JESUS.

I am a Jesus follower and a truth seeker by nature. My passion is studying God’s Word and sharing His truth with others. I serve in the women’s minstry and lead Bible studies at my local church and am co-founder of 30 Day Deep Dive, a Bible Study system designed to take you deeper into the Word. 

My Story

Growing up, I went to church every Sunday and Bible School every summer. I liked reading and learning the stories in the Bible. There was only one problem –  I wasn’t sure that the stories were true or if God was even real. At 18, I left home. I stopped going to church and didn’t think about God much.  My life was great.  I had everything I wanted: I didn’t need God, at least that is what I thought. Then my “perfect world” came crashing down. My mom died of cancer at the age of 41. Not long after my dad crashed his truck killing himself and his passenger.  The two people I loved most were gone. I was devastated. I felt empty and lost.

I found myself on my knees crying out to a God who I wasn’t sure was even real. Deep inside of me I knew that there had to be something more than this short life, and for the first time, I began searching for answers.  I began searching for God.  

I asked God, “God if you are real, where are you?  How do I find you”?  Then I remembered the stories that I had read about God in the Bible.  I thought, “What if the Bible were really true? What if Moses really did part the sea and Jesus walk on water?  How would this change my life?

So once again, I opened my Bible and I read it. But this time when I read it, I read it with hope – with hope that I could find God in these stories.  The more I read, the more real God became to me until one day I believed. I knew without a doubt that these stories were not just stories, but they were the TRUTH.  That they were the WORD OF GOD.

The Bible is God’s Word. It is His living, breathing word and it has the power to change your life.  It changed mine.  It took me from empty and lost to full and found.  It can do the same for you.

The message of the Bible gives life to those who hear it and believe it in their hearts. It tells the story of a God who loves us so much that He was willing to send His son to the cross to die for us so that we could spend forever with Him. It tells of a Son who was willing to die for us even when we didn’t believe in Him, even when we were nailing Him to a cross.  The Message of the Bible saved me and it can save you!

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I am a wife to Kerry, and mother to Madison, Alyssa, and Matt. I’ve also been a second mom (mother-in-law) to Austin. Our house is home also to 3 doodles:  Molly, Maggie, and Ace (grand-doodle).

Fitness Enthusiast.

Physical fitness is one of my passions. I am an ex-runner, now walker, weekend racer kind of person. I love encouraging others in their fitness journey.  


I am an attorney. I specialize in contracts. I know, I know, boring to most…but I enjoy the variety of issues I get to touch every single day. And my team is amazing!


In addition to the Good Book, I enjoy reading historical fiction, mystery, and classics. Pride and Prejudice is my fave!

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