Collette's Story

When I was only 5, a friend invited me to church with their family. From then on, church became a vital part of my life. I rode the church bus on Sundays and became very engaged. I enjoyed sitting in the “Big Service” and hearing the Word of God taught. I learned who Jesus was through Sunday School and fell in love with Him. I honestly do not remember a time when I was not in love with Jesus.

In 5th grade, my parents divorced. My church saw this as an opportunity to love a family who had nothing to offer them. They provided meals and helped us pack to move to New Mexico. They showed us God’s love in action. My mom, brother, sister, and I left Colorado to start our new season in New Mexico. I worried about how I would get to go to church in a new town. God had it all under control. (He tells us in Matthew 6 not to worry about tomorrow.) After moving to a brand-new state, we ended up living across the street from a family who attended the church I had just come from. What!?!

Only God could do that. They began taking me to church with them, and I continued on my journey to know our Lord. The Word of God was important to me even as a young child. I participated in what we called Sword Drill for many years, memorizing God’s Word and becoming more and more familiar with it.

My love for God and His Word continued throughout my High School career. While others would be partying, etc., you could find my friends and me studying God’s Word.

After graduation, I moved to Oklahoma to attend Rhema Bible Training Center. I continued to grow in my walk with God and learn His Word.
His Word is life-changing, and I am so very grateful for it. as
I love teaching His Word and helping others fall in love with God and His Word. I enjoy encouraging and assisting women to find their hope, joy, peace, purpose, passion, and direction in our Lord Jesus so that they can fulfill the dreams God has placed in their hearts. James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” My heartbeat is to draw near to Him and help others do the same.

More About Me


My husband, Tom, and I have been married for 28 years.  We have one son.  Both my son and husband are Air Force Veterans.  We love spending time together and traveling.


I have been in early childcare education for my entire adult life. I began as a preschool teacher, then moved to administration, followed by coaching and consulting. I am currently a business consultant manager, assisting our business consultants throughout Oklahoma as they assist childcare providers with business practices and leadership skills.

Travel Enthusiast

I enjoy traveling for business and pleasure.  Love the opportunities presented to me from swimming with the dolphins for fun or traveling to train educators.


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