The Gospel of John: In the Beginning Was the Word

The Gospel of John is a love letter written by the Holy Spirit on my heart, not with ink, but with the blood of Christ.  It is a love letter to be read not once, but again and again, each time allowing the love of Jesus to wash over me and to move me from higher truth to higher truth. The Gospel of John is so simple, yet so profound.  The words of John capture the very essence of Jesus.  He is the Word. He is the Light. He is the Life.
John, who referred to himself as the “disciple whom Jesus loved” was compelled by the love of Christ to write this Gospel. His sole purpose in writing his gospel was so that we may believe “that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God” and that by believing we “may have life in His name”.  John 20:31.
As John was compelled to go further because of the love of Jesus, the beautiful message of the Gospel of John compels me to go further, to go deeper, to write so that I may also share the love of Jesus with you.  And so it begins…
John begins His gospel by introducing us to the Word.   
The “Word” had meaning to both the Greeks and Jews during John’s time.  “Word” in the Greek is translated logos which means word, reason or plan. In Greek philosophy and theology, logos generally refers to an impersonal reason which gives order to the universe.  John’s use of the word Logos to refer to Jesus was contrary to the Greek’s belief that the universe was ordered by an impersonal force.  John instead claims that the Word is not impersonal, but personal manifesting itself through the person of Jesus Christ.
To the Jews, the use of “Logos” or the “Word” had a different meaning.  Throughout the Old Testament, the writers referred to the “Word of the Lord” when they were speaking of God’s divine will or purpose being accomplished in the universe.  So for them, Jesus as the Word meant that God was expressing His divine will and purpose through Jesus Christ. 
This is made clear in Hebrews 1:2 where the writer states that “in the last days he [God] has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he also made the universe”.  Hebrews 1:2  God’s divine will and purpose are accomplished through the person of Jesus Christ.  “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God”. Colossians 1:15a
Jesus, as the Word, for the Jew and the Greek had profound meaning then and for us has profound meaning now.  Thousands of years have passed since John wrote these words, but the truth remains unchanged.   These words are life.  These words should be hidden in our heart and guarded with everything we are.
In the beginning was the Word
Jesus is eternal, he is not a created being. He does not exist within the confines of time. He has always been and will always be.
and the Word was with God
Jesus was face to face with God.  He was and is in relationship with God from the beginning.
and the Word was God
Jesus is God, but He is separate from God.  
Those statements are profound, but John does not stop there.
Through him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made
Everything that is, came from Jesus. Everything that exists was made through Him. Jesus was not created, He didn’t come from anyone, or anything. Everything came from Him.
All of this, from the first three verses of John.  These truths overwhelm my mind and my heart: Jesus, the Word. Jesus, the revelation of God.  Jesus, eternal. Jesus, God. Jesus, creator.  Jesus, MY HEART.
Today, right now open your Bible and turn to the Gospel of John, reading it with the understanding that it is a love letter written by the Holy Spirit to you.  Read it not once, but again and again, each time allowing the love of Jesus to wash over you and to move you from higher truth to higher truth.

Next up: The Gospel of John: The Word Became Flesh


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